Tuesday, February 11, 2020

My Trip To the Clevia Park Suriname & Things to Know if You Visit

It is well-known that visiting markets on Sunday is one of my favorite things to do in Suriname. On this specific Sunday, I had an appointment with Graciella, Cynthia and Dynaida to visit the Clevia Park, which I will call Clevia Health market.
At the entrance I enjoyed watching a mother and her son on a horse ride.
On the other side of the entrance, I could clearly see the stand to make arrangements to go fishing at the fishpond. I loved walking through a tunnel while viewing the different products and activities from fresh chemically untreaten green vegetables, healthy snacks, juices with and without sugar, gifts of the indigenous, books for children, a location for children with "everything you need to know about bees", options for children to schmink, all kinds of honey, information about sugar cane, peanut, kurkuma and a lot more.
On the Clevia Park Menu, there is variety of healthy snacks and other food products prepared from chicken, fish or veggie. I loved to see people enjoying their food. For us, it was Fish "kibbling" and "bakabana" (fried banana)
Watching the Ice-man prepare shaved ice for a visitor was quite exciting. An amazing thing at this market is that all the sales people seems so friendly and happy.
We even took some time to relax while drinking our fresh coconuts and juices. From our relaxing spot we could easily watch people catch fish or at least trying to.
We walked to the end where there is a Breakfast lounge. It was a location full of visitors who where enjoying their lunch. On my next visit I will definitely have pancakes or scrambled eggs on my list.
After the breakfast lounge we climbed the stairs and walked through the cabins and in every cabin we read the brief history of various inhabitants of Suriname. There is a history of the indigenous, Chinese, Indian, marrons, Javanese. Also nice see was the products which they took out of their home country, which are now part of the Surinam culture and daily use at home. At the last cabin, you completely understand why this Suriname blend is such a amazing way of remembering the culture. Makes you proud to be part of this beautiful culture. From upstairs I could already take a sneak-peak in the garden. Looks like it was silently inviting me to come and just have a breathe "inhale- exhale for 5 - 10 minutes". I followed my intuition and sat on a bench in the garden for minutes without doing any thing else. I could stay here for hours and hours to come.
What was meant as a quick trip ended in an amazing, joy-full visit at the Clevia market. February 04th 2020, was the second anniversary of Clevia Park. I was informed that management of Clevia has a lot more plans for this coming year. I will follow them on Facebook. Make sure you do the same or that you visit on a regular base. From time to time Clevia Park management organizes a lecture on certain health prevention topics. On the 9 th of February there was a topic on Cancer.
If you are ever visiting Suriname or if you are a local and are looking for some healthy, relaxing, amazing environment, Clevia Park is definitely the best option in Paramaribo. Almost everything, related to health and entertainment for children and adults is available at the market. Clevia Park is open from 8.00 am - 14.00 pm And is located at: Clevia Park Kasoedjieweg, Paramaribo 556-550 https://maps.app.goo.gl/qDYr7TDh9HnsLENP6

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Kabalebo, an adventure of a life-time

Armed with my backpack which included my favorite camera equipment, my group and I were ready to leave at 11:30 am from Zorg and Hoop Airport to the perserved natural resort Kabalebo. After an hour of flying, our pilot, Diego,landed safely at the airstrip of Kabalebo.
The fully air conditioned rooms in the perserved  jungle of Suriname were awaited us.

Room options differ from rooms in the main lodge and at inspiration point. There are also cabins near the river or a bridal suite.

When we arrived there Jerry, the operation manager, his teammembers, and the rest of his crew were already waiting for us with exotic natural cold drinks.

The first thing on our schedule after lunch was the introduction tour of about one hour. Our guides Mitchel and Theryll did their best to explain details about plants, animals, and also to answer questions of other visitors. .

Later that afternoon we had a boat tour to Bivak where we could swim in the Kabalebo river.

On day two, we visited the rapid Moi Moi, translated in English called Beautiful. On our way with the boat tour to Moi Moi, we could see all kinds of birds like e.g. King Fisher, Tucans, Ara's, and Herons.

Before reaching Moi Moi, we stopped at Zandkreek (Sandcreek). Zandkreek is in the Kabalebo river. It was nice to see how my fellow visitors on the tour enjoyed their rapids called sula's in Surinamese.

On day 3 we went to Kilometer 3 a different rapid. We enjoyed seeing a crocodile close by the rapid. It was amazing to see how many birds and animals we've seen during the trip.

Day 4.
Part of the group was on a kayak; Another part went to misty mountain and some went fishing. I was allowed to be in kayak touring boat. For some people it was their first kayak experience.

Firgil- the boatsman of the kayak touring boat went on several boat tours with us during the trip.

For 2019 Kabalebo Resort has received a certificate of Excellence from tripadvisor. Seems that they have received this certificate over and over again.

On day 5 it was time to say goodbye to Jerry and the other team members.
It is important to say that the service at Kabalebo was beyond excellent . As a photographer, I can definitely say to visitors and other photographers that on your visit to Kabalebo you are more then one hundred percent sure that you will see more then enough birds and animals to photograph.

I am proud to say that Kabalebo is  part of the 93% preserved bush and Suriname and I am definetly coming back next year.This experience has allowed me to relax while enjoying the beauty and adventures in nature.
Thanks to everyone including my fellow visitors for giving me the adventure of a life-time.<

Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Years Eve in Suriname

Suriname, one of the top ten places to be on New Years Eve

Spending New Years Eve in the smallest country of South America called Suriname, a country not very well-known to the world, could be one of the most memorable events of a life-time. Every year friends and family from abroad visit Suriname just to experience this beautiful event.

The celebration starts in the morning.

Around 10 - 11AM people start filling up the Dominee and surrounded streets. Normal traffic during those moment is not allowed. People from different ethnic backgrounds and visitors are walking, singing, drinking and dancing in the streets of Paramaribo. Music boxes are in almost every corner of the street.
People are posing in the crowds for their selfie on Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat or Facebook.
It is one of the events where you want to show your friends that you were present.

Live bands, DJs, Professional dance groups are performing on constructed platforms and moving trucks. Almost everyone is laughing in the streets.

One of the most memorable moments of the day is around 12.00 - 13.00 when the shops and companies are organizing the firecracker shootings. Before the event starts earplugs are distributed to the visitors on the streets. Don't forget to take a picture at the scene of one of the firecrackers moments.

In the late afternoon or early evening the party continues at different public and private places. Another location, the Waterkant is a very well-known location for the parties at night. Around 10 PM the party ends and most of the people are heading back home where the celebration continues at home.

At 00.00 AM there are countdown events at different locations. One public place where the celebration takes place is the Onafhankelijkheids square.

It is good to know that events start at the beginning of December and end in the first week of January. Feel free to visit Suriname and experience the celebration during the whole month of December or especially on New Years Eve. With all the ethnic groups mixed into one during New Years celebration I guarantee that you will definitely feel at home.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Palumeu tour - a trip of a life time

After 70 - 75 minutes flying out of Zorg en Hoop airport to a jungle lodge called Palumeu, be prepared for a lot of adventure or excitement.

Welcome to Palumeu.

A welcome drink and cake on arrival is almost a guarantee for a good start of your trip.
In the morning at 6.30, hot water is ready on your veranda - for your coffee and tea which are already in your room. Don't forget we're middle in the jungle - the jewel of the jungle.

Breakfast at no men's island

On our first day we had lunch in the jungle - at Palawa island.

Swimming in the Tapanahony river is quite an experience. On the next day - we had marvelous breakfast - on "everyone's or no men's island".

After breakfast we were ready for our forest and hiking tour to Poti- Hill. On our 2 hour walk there is so much to see and to hear.

At Poti Hill
It is interesting to see all the different types of plants with all their offerings: we could drink water from a plant, smell garlic from another, see a walking plant and so much more.
At Poti Hill

If you are lucky you can even see a snake on your path. The professional local guides, are always there to lead you safely to your final destination.

Interesting tree in the jungle
Interesting trees in the jungle

In the late afternoon shooting with bow and arrow is an interesting attraction. Local guides assisting us to finally have a relatively good shot - for us to be proud of.

At night we could see a presentation of the rich culture of the wajanas and trio's.

The next day we are ready for our trip to the Mabuka rapids.
First a boat tour with lots of exciting moments through the water flows - screeming, laughing singing and even quite moments.

On our way there are monkeys, otters, vultures, macaws, tucans - a lot to see.

After reaching Mabuka lodge a short walking tour into the jungle lead us to an ant eters, the smallest monkeys, other interest types of plants. An experience you will never forget

Sitting or lying in a rapid, with massage from nature is quite relaxing.
Mabuka Rapid

A view during the sunset tour

The sunset and night boat tour on our way back to our lodge leaves us with sounds of all kinds of animal.

Finally the campfire, with stories of the Wajanas and Trios.
We could even enjoy the stars at night.

On our last day - the tour to the village Palumeu
From local cabins, to the school, meeting point we came to a mobile souvenir selling place.
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After a final lunch and with mixed feelings, we had to say goodbye to The best tour guide ever, Elton, with his super team Espanjo, Jaka, Jack, Nick and a lot of background workers. They have done their utmost for us - to have this experience of a life-time. The food was tasty. To eat  roti in the interior was a complete surprise.

I enjoyed our guides, the food and all other guests, from Belgium: Loes, Hanna, Brecht and Lien, from Holland: Hans, Naresha en Gerrie. We almost became family. We did not only had an awesome trip - WE HAD A TRIP OF A LIFE-TIME.