Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Years Eve in Suriname

Suriname, one of the top ten places to be on New Years Eve

Spending New Years Eve in the smallest country of South America called Suriname, a country not very well-known to the world, could be one of the most memorable events of a life-time. Every year friends and family from abroad visit Suriname just to experience this beautiful event.

The celebration starts in the morning.

Around 10 - 11AM people start filling up the Dominee and surrounded streets. Normal traffic during those moment is not allowed. People from different ethnic backgrounds and visitors are walking, singing, drinking and dancing in the streets of Paramaribo. Music boxes are in almost every corner of the street.
People are posing in the crowds for their selfie on Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat or Facebook.
It is one of the events where you want to show your friends that you were present.

Live bands, DJs, Professional dance groups are performing on constructed platforms and moving trucks. Almost everyone is laughing in the streets.

One of the most memorable moments of the day is around 12.00 - 13.00 when the shops and companies are organizing the firecracker shootings. Before the event starts earplugs are distributed to the visitors on the streets. Don't forget to take a picture at the scene of one of the firecrackers moments.

In the late afternoon or early evening the party continues at different public and private places. Another location, the Waterkant is a very well-known location for the parties at night. Around 10 PM the party ends and most of the people are heading back home where the celebration continues at home.

At 00.00 AM there are countdown events at different locations. One public place where the celebration takes place is the Onafhankelijkheids square.

It is good to know that events start at the beginning of December and end in the first week of January. Feel free to visit Suriname and experience the celebration during the whole month of December or especially on New Years Eve. With all the ethnic groups mixed into one during New Years celebration I guarantee that you will definitely feel at home.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Palumeu tour - a trip of a life time

After 70 - 75 minutes flying out of Zorg en Hoop airport to a jungle lodge called Palumeu, be prepared for a lot of adventure or excitement.

Welcome to Palumeu.

A welcome drink and cake on arrival is almost a guarantee for a good start of your trip.
In the morning at 6.30, hot water is ready on your veranda - for your coffee and tea which are already in your room. Don't forget we're middle in the jungle - the jewel of the jungle.

Breakfast at no men's island

On our first day we had lunch in the jungle - at Palawa island.

Swimming in the Tapanahony river is quite an experience. On the next day - we had marvelous breakfast - on "everyone's or no men's island".

After breakfast we were ready for our forest and hiking tour to Poti- Hill. On our 2 hour walk there is so much to see and to hear.

At Poti Hill
It is interesting to see all the different types of plants with all their offerings: we could drink water from a plant, smell garlic from another, see a walking plant and so much more.
At Poti Hill

If you are lucky you can even see a snake on your path. The professional local guides, are always there to lead you safely to your final destination.

Interesting tree in the jungle
Interesting trees in the jungle

In the late afternoon shooting with bow and arrow is an interesting attraction. Local guides assisting us to finally have a relatively good shot - for us to be proud of.

At night we could see a presentation of the rich culture of the wajanas and trio's.

The next day we are ready for our trip to the Mabuka rapids.
First a boat tour with lots of exciting moments through the water flows - screeming, laughing singing and even quite moments.

On our way there are monkeys, otters, vultures, macaws, tucans - a lot to see.

After reaching Mabuka lodge a short walking tour into the jungle lead us to an ant eters, the smallest monkeys, other interest types of plants. An experience you will never forget

Sitting or lying in a rapid, with massage from nature is quite relaxing.
Mabuka Rapid

A view during the sunset tour

The sunset and night boat tour on our way back to our lodge leaves us with sounds of all kinds of animal.

Finally the campfire, with stories of the Wajanas and Trios.
We could even enjoy the stars at night.

On our last day - the tour to the village Palumeu
From local cabins, to the school, meeting point we came to a mobile souvenir selling place.
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After a final lunch and with mixed feelings, we had to say goodbye to The best tour guide ever, Elton, with his super team Espanjo, Jaka, Jack, Nick and a lot of background workers. They have done their utmost for us - to have this experience of a life-time. The food was tasty. To eat  roti in the interior was a complete surprise.

I enjoyed our guides, the food and all other guests, from Belgium: Loes, Hanna, Brecht and Lien, from Holland: Hans, Naresha en Gerrie. We almost became family. We did not only had an awesome trip - WE HAD A TRIP OF A LIFE-TIME.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Hello visitors and shoppers,

Welcome to markets in Suriname.

When visiting the main market,  the  Central market at the waterkant, make sure you have the fish market on your list. There is a lot of excitement going on there: from fishermen who are taking fish out of the boats, to people enjoying their prepared fish plate.

On Sundays, there is a Sunday morning markettour – going to 4 markets.

First of all, you won’t be disappointed if you start with the Chinese market. There are a lot of special prepared Chinese snacks, vegetables. There is always something new at the Chinese market.
The Chinese market is located at de GROTE COMBEWEG.

Next place to visit is the SOEGNIE ORIENTAL market. This is another type of small Chinese maket at the corner of the WILHELMINA street. If you don’t have a lot of time and you just want to experience something Surinamese on a market, make sure you choose the Soegnie market.


The next market is the TOURTONNE market, which is on both sides of the Tourtonne laan. From clothes, vegetables, fruits, chips to bicycles – if you did not find what you are looking for, then I will be questioning I you have visited the market in real. This market started as a flea market and now has the idea of a mixed market.

Be open to make real friends at this market.

The final market at the Sunday market tour is the Indonesian market, with chips, saoto soup, bami nasi and also vegetables.
The Surinam flavor of hospitality is one items which you won’t miss at this market.
Apart from the markets in the tour, on Sundays, you can also visit Kwatta market at the 3e Rijweg, markets at the Highway, markets at the Indira Ghandi.

As earlier mentioned, there is always a lot of excitement at the markets in Suriname

Monday, September 26, 2016

Marina Waterland Resort - A must seen place

Amazing trip to Marina Resort Waterland

It was my first trip to Marina Resort Waterland. Noel and Rike Pauw have created a beautiful man-made garden and a perfect view on the Suriname river, you definitely have to see. Marina Resort is place to explore on your own.

We arrived here at 11.00 am on Sunday 25, September 2016
Faizel Boerleider was our host
He showed us our reserved space at table 12
Guests enjoying a canoe
Garden View

On Sundays you can reserve a lunch space for small groups or even for individuals.
At the Bar you can enjoy cocktails, beers, coffee and even natural juices.


From Yachts to boats you will defintely enjoy the amazing view of Marina Resort Waterland


Great Ice tea

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Addicted to Sushi Ya

Sushi or Sushi rolls in Suriname - where to be?

In Suriname you can find all kinds of food with all kinds of flavors.

In Paramaribo, at the Henck Arronstraat there is a cozy Japanese restaurant, called Sushi Ya, where you visit over and over again. This is why I can't tell you how many times I've been there. In generally I say: I am there every Friday.
But this week I had take away on Friday and visited the restaurant on Saturday with my friend Denise.

Japanese food mixed with Surinamese hospitality.
Hosts communicating in both Dutch, English.

Denise was back from vacation and we were enjoying each other's - one month away- stories.While we were having fun sharing our stories we enjoyed sushi ya's great food.

Sushi ya is at the Henck Arronstraat 63, Paramaribo, Suriname.
Phone: 475-450

Feel free to comment on this blog or reserve a space at Sushi Ya.
Suriname hidden treasure.

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Monday, September 19, 2016


Suriname, hidden treasure.

I arrive at the MI GUDU a couple minutes before 4. Tony the tour guide of the day, welcomed me with a smile. It was my second attempt on the MI GUDU with the DOLPHIN and SUNSET TOUR.
The first time there was heavy rain.

I went up the stairs. There I had an excellent view. Boats on the river, the lonely Wijdenbosch bridge, men fishing on a bridge nearby, children playing near the waterfront, green and white buildings near the waterfront - a marvelous view.

Tony convinced me that there will be no rain today. And he was right.
Again I enjoyed my second trip on the MI GUDU, with Acces travel Suriname. Thank you acces travel Suriname.

FB friends, make sure you have the MI GUDU on your list and feel free to share your experience.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Trip to Saramacca

  It was 6.00 pm when I reached Hotel SJV Groningen NV, Wirantalaan 8A, Dirkshoop. My photography friends where already there. On their way they had a technical problem with their car. Astrid, the host of SVJ welcomed me with a smile. You could feel that we were welcome. After dinner and some chat we where ready to sleep. The next day there was a early morning shoot planned at House Sondervelt.

 During all the planned shoots at House Sondervelt, at Columbia, family Koemer, city shoot at the market, Sunrise shoot and Saramacca market shoot early Sunday morning, we where able to share, eat, laugh and to enjoy each other's company. Sunday in the afternoon, we where confronted with heavy rain. Suddenly the electrical light went off at Saramacca. We had to find a plan B. And yes, SJV had Plan B - a 1000 pieces puzzle.   Dedicated to finalize the puzzle the photography team together with Astrid, boyfriend and John worked hard until late that night.


The next morning we had Bird Paradise on our schedule. Bird Paradise - an excellent place to visit when visiting Suriname. The only issue is you have to make an appointment on forehand.
Joan and Eric Graangoost have kept their Bird Paradise hidden, but at the same time are so happy to share with groups/ tours. They are open to individuals. We stayed there until 14.00.

Finally the photography tour trip from 9 - 12th September 2016 had come to an end. Together we had a marvelous time.

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